Imperfect | DOMPIERRE x TUC Soap Bar Tray - Cream

$20 $25

4.6'' x 3'' x 0.6''

Perfectly imperfect, these soap bar trays have been created with just as much attention as our regular bottle trays. What makes these so special, are their little imperfections that make them even more unique.

*Colors and imperfections may vary

This ceramic soap bar tray is made by hand in Montreal by DOMPIERRE. It has been thoughtfully designed to to accompany our soap bar. Highly durable, each piece is unique and will be the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

About the DOMPIERRE process:

Carefully balancing between the organic and the structured, rigid and fluid, DOMPIERRE ceramics seeks to unearth the essence in clay. Her pieces are simple yet modern, with a delicate sensitivity for form. When in contact with her work, the imprint of human trace is always felt . DOMPIERRE ceramics are intrinsically wedged between the charm of manual labor and the cutting edge of modern design.

Made in Canada