Photo: Kinfolk

One of the most satisfying feelings I have is to open a book and take the time to stop and read the words to let myself be inspired!

There are those books that make me dream, some who advise me and others who teach me about all kinds of things.


Here is a Top 5 of books that accompany me daily.


Montréal l’hiver: Montreal’s emblematic winter is reflected in a beautiful book by Susan Semenak, under the eye of the talented photographer Cindy Boyce. Nothing better than warm recipes to comfort the soul of Quebec winters. Montreal l’hiver is enough to make us proud of our city! When and where to read? A little bit at home daily.
Magazine Corsé: Quebec specialty coffee has its own magazine! This rich and fascinating culture is told through interviews, reports and articles as rich as coffee cream .

When and where to read? Around a morning coffee.

Zero Waste Home: We cannot miss this classic! Want to learn more about a transition to zero waste, Bea Johnson has more than one trick in her bag and tells her story in the book Zero Waste. Advice, recipes and good addresses to reduce waste, everything is there!

When and where to read? Make it a bedside read and lend it to someone after!

Saisons, la table végane: Cooking to the rhythm of the seasons, is what is proposed in the magnificent book "Saisons, la table végane". You don’t need to have a vegan lifestyle to enjoy these fresh and inspiring recipes because the responsible diet proposed in this book will charm anyone who loves to cook.

When and where to read? Before doing your meal planning for the week.

Nouveau Projet: Political, social and cultural issues, Nouveau Projet is a magazine published twice a year that deals with essential topics. Contributing to a more sensitive and rich Quebec, Nouveau Projet is a mix of literature, politics, journalism and philosophy that deals with current issues, presented with a graphic signature of its own.

When and where to read? Around a beer on a Saturday afternoon.


As a bonus!

Kinfolk: This magazine is a reference in terms of design, fashion, arts and culture, music ... in short, lifestyle! A must to be inspired by the latest trends.

When and where to read? When hanging out at the kitchen table or during lunchtime at work.

I hope these recommendations will motivate you to take some time in your busy week to read, discover and let yourself be inspired!

P.S. Remember to borrow these books from a friend or the library before you buy them!

Photo: Cindy Boyce - Montréal l’hiver: Recettes et récits tricotés serrés