The fridge is such a central part of our household. The kids spend their time opening and closing the door on the lookout for snacks. The fridge door is by far the most used door in our home!

My two best tricks for a zero-waste fridge are appearance and organization. The more the food is appealing, the more the chance of it not ending up in the compost bin is high. As for organization, I try to make it as easy as possible to find various ingredients efficiently. Because of their see-through properties, glass jars and containers are the best allies when it comes to quickly finding various foods.

To prevent food waste, I also find that a weekly fridge scan is the most helpful. It can be fun for the whole family to make an empty fridge meal once a week.


Here is short list of the items I use most often to reduce packaging/food waste in my fridge:

Glass jars and containers. Perfect for storing all kinds of foods from nuts, fresh products to leftovers.
Beeswax food wrap. My favorite for leftover cheese pieces and half-cut fruits and vegetables.


Cloth bags. Breathable and great for storing leafy greens like kale. Dans le sac
Reusable zip bag. Perfect for cut fruit and vegetables on the go! La fabrik éco x Atelier Bang Bang