Every year during the winter holidays, I like to take the whole family on a getaway to the beach. Travelling often rhythms with throwaway cups and ‘’travel size’’ disposables. With a little bit of preparation ahead of time, it’s easy to reduce every family members’ travel footprint.



Here are a few musts:

We all have our own Kleen Kanteen for water and hot drinks. We take them empty to the airport and fill them up after crossing security. Many airports now have water stations specifically adapted to fill water bottles.
Another practical item to have is the Lunch Essential from Dans le sac. One less plastic spoon and fork goes to waste every use! Great for eating snacks on the go.
For toiletries, we use sample size shampoo and conditioner bottles from Oneka, which we refill from our larger containers at home. Same goes for lotion.
I have also just recently discovered Toothy Tabs from LUSH. Made from natural ingredients and packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable bottles, these are perfect for travelling!

And of course, my Start fresh. bag follows me everywhere!

Photos by Chanel Sabourin Photographe

Happy travels!