Hand Sanitizer - Liquid

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500 ml (16 fl oz)

Using our business as a force for good, that was our engagement when we became a Certified B Corporation in 2015. We recently teamed up with Paul and Victoria from Cirka Distilleries to create an alcohol based Hand Sanitizer approved by Health Canada that will help you keep you and your loved ones safe. Antibacterial with 80% ethyl alcohol. 

For freshly cleaned hands on the go. It’s perfect for soft clean hands when there’s no water around to wash them. It’s safe for the whole family, and like every other thing we do at the Unscented Company, it’s also good for the Earth. 

WHAT IT’S MADE OF (WHO-RECOMMENDED FORMULA): MEDICINAL: Ethanol 80% (Vegetable-based). NON-MEDICINAL: Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aqua (Water).

NPN: 80097936

Product photography by: Valérie Paquette Photography

Made in Canada


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