April 2024

Fragrance-free in the kitchen makes more sense than ever

Fragrance-free in the kitchen makes more sense than ever

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Catherine Bernier, Valerie Paquette & Alexandra Racine

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Alexandra Simard

If you’re rinsing your dishes coming out of the dishwasher to get rid of their perfumed smell, then it’s high time you tried our environmentally friendly dish tabs.

Biodegradable formula, septic-tank safe, phosphate- and chlorine-free, and — like the rest of our products — fragrance and dye-free, these tabs are also highly effective, even when you run the dishwasher on a lower-temp cycle. So you can wash your dishes with peace of mind, and without compromising the planet.

The benefits of fragrance-free dishwashing:

  • No more wine glasses that smell like soap.
  • No more wasted juice or milk because “it tastes funny” in your toddlers’ bottles or cups. 
  • No more mixing smells from one brand with another in your kitchen 
  • No more single-use plastic with our recyclable packaging. 
  • Hello freshness!

Small at-home refill station for dishwashing

To keep your dish tabs organized, we recommend storing them under the sink in a glass mason jar or small storage basket. Make sure to choose a reusable container that will hold at least one month’s worth of refills, and store it in a dry place. If you go with a 500-unit box, you’ll have enough tabs for over a year and a half of dishwashing!

An at-home filling station is key to freeing up some of the headspace devoted to running (and keeping on top of) errands, and ensures you never run out of the things you need at home.

Another dishwashing product for your kitchen refill station

Once you’ve found a place for your big box of dish tabs, why not add a refill of our liquid dish soap? In addition to leaving your pots and pans sparkling, this product can be used in a multitude of other ways: mixed with a bit of baking soda to make a scouring paste for the sink, diluted in water to clean the fridge, cabinets, and handles, etc. This product can easily become your best ally for tackling spring cleaning!