December 2023

Les Filles Fattoush: Discover the entrepreneurial duo behind this socially-minded enterprise

Les Filles Fattoush: Discover the entrepreneurial duo behind this socially-minded enterprise


Valérie Paquette


Alexandra Simard

If, like us, you're a regular at the Jean-Talon market, then you've probably noticed the little Filles Fattoush counter that’s there during the summer. If you stop by, you'll find Syrian foods such as pita chips with cumin and Aleppo pepper, traditional Kibbeh, and a beautifully packaged (and very tempting) spice counter. But behind all this deliciousness, this small business also has a powerful social mission: to offer a first Canadian job opportunity to Syrian refugee women

Adelle Tarzibachi and Geneviève Comeau emphasize the significance of a first work experience for newly arrived refugees, since finding a job can give them a renewed sense of confidence and is an important part of integrating into a new community. Since the company’s founding, 40 women have passed through Les Filles Fattoush. Some have stayed on and bought a house thanks to this opportunity; others have used it as a springboard to go back to school.

For these co-founders, the best way to learn more about a people is through their cuisine: 

"To let people discover the fragrances of our country and talk about the richness and colours of Syria."

Their project looks to the future and aims to bridge the gap between cultures. Anie, our founder, fell in love with this entrepreneurial duo at a conference on Women Owned businesses. A collaborative project was born out of this encounter—a wonderful way to uphold the Filles Fattoush mission, which draws its essence from Adelle and Geneviève’s rich and fond memories of Syria.

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