Marseille Laundry Cube


Net Wt. 400 g (14.11 oz)

Since 1900 and four generations of families, in Salon-de-Provence, the company Marius Fabre manufactures Marseille soap using a traditional method, cooked in a cauldron.

Made from vegetable oils and free of dyes, perfumes and synthetic ingredients, this cube of white Marseille soap is recommended to gently wash all textiles, including delicate linen (baby linen, fragile fabrics). It’s also very effective on stubborn stains. It lasts even longer after drying.

What it’s made of: Sodium palmate, Aqua (Water/Eau), Sodium Cocoate (or/ou Palmkernelate), Glycerin, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide.

Made in France


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