Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g
Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g
Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g
Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g
Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g
Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g

Marseille Laundry Cube | 400g

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New! In 120 years of existence, Marius Fabre has preserved the tradition of making real Marseille soap. Today, an important step has been taken, symbolized by the replacement of palm oil from all its soaps with very special oil, oleic sunflower oil.

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About Marius Fabre

Since 1900 and four generations of families, in Salon-de-Provence, the company Marius Fabre manufactures Marseille soap using a traditional method, cooked in a cauldron.

Detailed description

Made from vegetable oils and free of dyes, perfumes and synthetic ingredients, this cube of white Marseille soap is recommended to gently wash all textiles, including delicate linen (baby linen, fragile fabrics). It’s also very effective on stubborn stains. It lasts even longer after drying.


How to use

For stubborn stains

Rub the cube of soap on the stain before washing. Put the garment in your washing machine. Ideal for greasy stains, stubborn stains and shirt collars.

For hand-washing

Gently washes all textiles, in particular delicate items (baby clothes, wool, silk, lace, etc.) Wet the clothes. Wash them with the Marseille soap. Make a foam. Rince in clean water.


Ethical clothing that deserves gentle, eco-friendly care

Customer Reviews

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Marie-Eve Potvin
Best soap!!

This soap is magic! I rarely need to use any other stain remover after. This is a must for your laundry

We all love Marseille soap as stain remover! Thanks for your review.

Nadine Parsons
Awesome laundry block

I have only tried once but it removed my stain, happy with purchase. Thank you

Raymond Couture
Un petit bloc à grand résultat.

Septique de ce type de produits au départ j'en suis agréable surprise.
Naturel, biodégradable & sain pour la nature mais surtout c'est efficace.

Très versatile aussi! Merci Raymond :)

Miracle Worker

The Marseille Laundry Cube works really well to get heavy stains out of my toddler's clothing -- from lasagne to paint -- I've never been disappointed. I usually use the cube and then soak the clothing in Unscented Co.'s Oxygen Bleach overnight and then machine wash it in the morning. It is truly a dream team at removing unwanted stains without using nasty toxins. Would definitely recommend! (Tip: I wear gloves to prevent dry hands after use).

We agree Anja! The duo Marseille soap + Laundry whitener is a must in every laundry room.


I recently dropped some palak paneer on an ivory rug (I know, what was I thinking eating palak paneer over an ivory rug?). Used a spray bottle, rag, and this cube. Spray water, rub cube, rub with rag, repeat. Stain came right out. Hurray! Rug is saved by this magic cube.