Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g
Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g
Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g
Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g
Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g
Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g

Marseille Olive Oil Cube | 400g

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Made from vegetable oils and free of dyes, perfumes and synthetic ingredients, this cube of olive oil Marseille soap is recommended to gently wash hands and body. 

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About Marius Fabre

Since 1900 and four generations of families, in Salon-de-Provence, the company Marius Fabre manufactures Marseille soap using a traditional method, cooked in a cauldron.

Detailed description

It takes care of all skin, especially the most sensitive.

As it's made from olive oil, this soap has a stronger smell and is not recommended if you are scent sensitive.


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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Eby
Can’t stand the smell

I thought this was a soap I’d bought before, but when it arrived with my other unscented products I was bowled over by the strong odour of this. I’m not sure what to do with it.

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the comment. I understand your point, that is why we made sure to include a note regarding the strong olive oil smell in the product's description page. Please note that the odor dissipates with use. :)

Genevieve Myhal
Un beau grand cube de savon qui nettoie à merveille

Très efficace, il nettoie la peau sans assécher. L'odeur s'estompe rapidement lorsqu'il est à l'air, pour ne laisser qu'un doux parfum à l'utilisation. Et très durable, nous pouvons en profiter longtemps.

Merci beaucoup Genevieve pour le bon commentaire :) Le savon de marseille, c'est magique!

E Bryant
Great soap.

I was surprised at how big this block is but I love the soap. You need to have it on a soap dish with drainage or it gets soggy.

Katherine M.
Marseille Olive Oil Cube

My husband is quite happy with the olive oil soap, most soaps make his skin itch and this one seems to be good for him, the only challenge with it is size, he tends to cut the cube down to smaller pieces.

Hello Katherine! Thanks for the great feedback. Good news, we have the 200g format available here: :)

Nancy Desormeaux

Des produits de qualité sans parfum mais ayant une odeur tout de même de fraîcheur . J’adore ! Le savon de Marseille n’est pas une découverte pour moi mais je suis très heureuse d’enfin pouvoir le trouver facilement !