June 2018

An Unscented Wash for Patch

An Unscented Wash for Patch

Since the very beginning of The Unscented Company, I have always set out to create and develop a line of multi-purpose products that would be safe for my family and for my dog Patch.  I strongly believe that cultivating an unscented in environment is not only beneficial for humans, but for pets too!

Naturally, our products are Leaping Bunny Certified, confirming that none of our products have ever been tested on animals nor will they ever be. Our products are also fully vegan and contain no animal derived ingredients.

With their sharp sense of smell, pets are renown to be highly sensitive to various scents and perfumes which may cause nausea.  Many dogs and cats can also be irritated by strong perfumes. A dog’s own scent is an important part of his identity, that’s why after a bath, dogs typically can be found rolling in grass to remove perfumes that cover their own scent.

With summer just around the corner, the kids had so much fun giving Patch a bath in the garden with just a few drops of our unscented dish soap and some cool water in a bucket. A simple and creative way to wash the dog while using common kitchen products.