Our commitments

We believe in taking responsibility for our actions to the benefit of individuals, communities, our ecosystem, and future generations alike. That's why we continually rethink our processes to improve our collective work ethic. Whether it’s in our choice of suppliers, our packaging, or our ingredients, minimizing our impact on the environment—and contributing positively to our communities—is at the heart of every decision we make.

Using our business as a force for good

B Corp is more than a certification; for us, it's an integral part of our DNA. We’ve chosen to join the movement because we consider it to be the most concrete and transparent way of establishing and measuring our continuous improvement objectives in all areas of the company.

Environmental impact

Helping to eliminate single-use plastic


For us, refills are more than just product formats. They’re solutions that enable us to reduce our collective footprint of single-use plastic. It's also a way of making bulk products more accessible across North America. 

The future: solid products

For us, the future is solid. Recent innovations have proven that we can develop quality products that are just as effective without water or plastic.

In 2023

1,521,513 plastic bottles saved

Bottles Saved

How much plastic can you cut out in a year?

Redefining the notion of clean

Biodegradable formulas 

All TUC products are biodegradable within 28 days, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 301 guideline. This stipulates that 60% of a product must biodegrade completely within 28 days to merit the label "biodegradable". TUC products are all formulated to biodegrade at least 80% in 28 days. 

Naturally derived ingredients

As part of our quest to reduce our collective environmental impact, we’re committed to using ingredients of natural origin. To date, we’ve maintained a minimum of 90% naturally derived ingredients—a figure we’re continually striving to improve on.

Social impact

Getting involved in our communities

Share the Warmth 

We aim to donate 0.5% of our total revenue to various organizations involved in our local community. Share the Warmth is an organization we’ve been working with since 2021 as part of our commitment to enact positive change. Their mission? To meet the needs of the Pointe-St-Charles and Verdun communities with accessible services designed to elevate one another. We support their mission through monetary and/or product donations, as well as through the involvement of our employees during dedicated volunteer hours.

In 2022

229 hours of volunteer work

Inspiring the industry 

A positive and proactive influence 

All of our products are available in bulk sizes, as refills, or have a solid, plastic-free alternative to further reduce our collective plastic footprint—one of the biggest, and most urgent challenges faced by our industry as a whole. We try to make eco-friendly options accessible by reducing the cost of acquisition and focusing on the quality of each individual component, allowing our packaging to be reused again and again. Our philosophy? Don't wait until a solution is perfect before taking the leap. Every effort counts.

Donation inquiries

Based on its mission, The Unscented Company wants to extend its impact to a wider community. Whether you have an environmental cause to support, are looking to have a positive impact on our local Ville-Émard community, or are helping more women achieve equity, share your project with us so we can analyze it.