The Lotion, the Shiny Shampoo in 1L and the Hand Soap - Glass, all together on a rock with a lake as a background.


Simplify our lifestyle
and reduce our collective

A light blue sky and a tree.
Unscented Co. Laundry 10 L refill box.
Unscented co. accessories: The Kleen Kanteen bottle on the floor and the tote bag and the black cap on a small tool.
A view of Parc du Poisson blanc lake with a small island covered with trees.
Our impact
In 2023

1,521,513 plastic bottles saved

In 2023

726,258 litres of water saved

In 2023

100 + hours of volunteer work

A 750ml bottle of Dish Soap on a rock in front of nature.
To read

Fragrance-free in the kitchen makes more sense than ever.

Our certifications

Each certification is and has been carefully chosen. They’re the foundation of who we are and how we want to do business. They represent our commitments as a company.

Start fresh with TUC

We've combined our favorite unscented home and body care essentials so that your journey to a sustainable lifestyle begins with a fresh start.


Our community shapes who we are as a brand, expanding our reach, amplifying our advocacy efforts, and empowering us to collectively tell a compelling story that resonates with the world. Its first roots are in Montréal, but our community now extends across Canada and is slowly expanding into the United States. TUC finds its expression through each and every one of us, uniting our individual efforts and channelling our collective energy towards positive impact for the greater good.