''Caring about sustainability is becoming as crucial to me as winning bike races. The Unscented Company is leading by example, inspiring me to take action.''

Maghali Rochette, Ambassador

Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette

Cycling athlete

A granola bar connoisseur, Mathieu, also known as Mathos, is one of those people who see every challenge as an adventure. Afraid of nothing, he throws himself into every project as if it could be his last—and we admire him greatly for it!

Driven by a sense of environmental responsibility, he strives to reduce his impact wherever—and however—he can.

Our ambassadors

Maghalie Rochette

Professional cyclist

Cyclist, lover of life, entrepreneur...

Maghalie Rochette also has a strong desire to reduce her environmental  impact and take care of her body—the same one that enables her to excel every day. 

So it's no coincidence that our first TUC ambassador is a cyclist (and we have to admit, we've got some big cycling fans on the team too!).

William Goneau


A talented backcountry skier, William Goneau grew up surrounded by mountains and has the utmost respect for them. He’s had a front-row seat to the impact of climate change, and he wants to make a difference with the same passion and level of dedication that he brings to his sport. That's why the role of TUC ambassador suits him so perfectly!

Our stories

Cultivating the art of a healthy home, getting inspired, sharing, collaborating... Our stories—or their stories, as the case may be—offer you different perspectives on who we are as a company. Discover the people who make The Unscented Company.

Podcast episodes that help you understand who we are, why, and how we do things differently. Listen while walking, cleaning, or relaxing!

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