October 2021

Together to redefine the notion of clean

Together to redefine the notion of clean


Julien Payette-Tessier and Orkestra


Anie Rouleau

I've always wanted to build a company with a powerful and inspiring mission and purpose, more than just a soap company. Since the beginnings of The Unscented Company, I've dreamed of putting our essence in motion, because video is such an impactful medium and can really take you on a journey. Finally, this year, the timing was right! That's why we turned to the team at Orkestra to help us make this project a reality.

Because this is one of the first big projects of its kind at TUC, I wanted to tell you more about the process and the role that the environment, our community, and my family played in the video.

Speaking of Process…

Professionalism, expertise, and fun are the three words that come to mind when I think of this process. The Orkestra team was able to capture the essence of the brand, which made the process so incredibly easy. I had complete faith in them, as I felt they really understood our image and stayed true to it.

I’ll always remember when Max, our director, sat down to read us the first draft of the manifesto. Every word had its place. Every sentence conveyed our identity:

“We must redefine our notion of clean. Let’s do without artificial fragrances and products that accumulate in our soils and rivers. Let’s make long-term choices. So that efficiency becomes synonymous with sustainability.’’

I immediately smiled—I knew I was in good hands. They were then able to incorporate all the elements that were important to us.


Family, collectivity, community... No matter the term you use or the meaning you give to it, together, we're always stronger.

We’re so fortunate to have authentic, conscious, and inspiring people in our community. One of them is Shanice, a free-spirited woman and mother of 3, who believes in the importance of making sustainable choices. She's been with us since the beginning and is featured in the video. She allows us to see life differently through her eyes and to be even more inclusive in our approach.


If you were wondering, the TUC voiceover is done by Anna-Béatrice, my daughter. Yes, she’s part of the family, but she’s especially part of the future generation. Involving her in the project was a way for us to give young people a voice and to inspire them to make decisions that will have a long-term impact. I loved participating in the shoot, and especially seeing Steven, Anna-Béatrice, and Henri-William involved in their own way. Even Patch was there!


The environment has always been part of our values. A clean and healthy environment, where everything is well thought out. That's what we find in all the spaces created and designed by Lysanne Pepin of Maison Pepin. Our relationship with Lysanne goes back many years. She was one of the first people to believe in us, showcasing our products in her Old Montreal boutique. Now, a few years later, she welcomed us back into her environment at Les Voisines to bring our brand to life.


In Closing... 

I'm so proud and happy that we were able to capture the essence of TUC on video so well. Every time I watch the manifesto, I’m transported into our world and it inspires me to keep doing what I do. I hope that you too will feel invigorated by the breath of fresh air that is this Quebec-made production.