April 2021

Proud To Keep Maghalie Rochette Clean Through the 2021 Season

Proud To Keep Maghalie Rochette Clean Through the 2021 Season


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Today is a very special day for The Unscented Company (TUC). If you know us, you know that we love collaborating with inspiring people who share our values and are committed in their own way to helping their community or the environment


We wanted to take the collaboration to another level by choosing our very first (but probably not the last) TUC ambassador. So it's with great excitement that we introduce you to Maghalie Rochette, a young professional athlete from Sainte-Adèle, Quebec. If you don't already know her, you will be charmed by her passion for her sport, her zest for life, and her unwavering determination. 

This couldn't be a better fit for TUC. We are so happy to be able to support a young woman in her sport, but most of all to raise awareness in a community about the importance of using gentle, earth friendly products to clean up mud accumulated during a bike ride, or any other activity. Maghalie has a great desire to reduce her impact on the environment and to take care of her body - her main tool - with products that are good for her. 

So here she is!

Who’s Maghalie Rochette? 

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I'm a passionate person. I’m very curious, so I can develop an interest in many subjects quickly. For example, we have bees at home, I’m very interested in photography, and I love to read and learn. 

I would also say that I'm hardworking. It's essential for me to be 100% committed to every goal I set for myself. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy life! It actually doesn't take much to make me interested and happy; a good juicy peach, playing with my dog, or spending time with friends or my boyfriend are all things that make me smile. 

I've always had a strong tomboy side to me, and sports have always allowed me to challenge myself and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it's running, swimming, skiing, triathlon... I've always been active and have always enjoyed playing outside. But my dad is the one who got me hooked on biking. When he came back from his mountain biking trips, covered in mud, I always thought it seemed so awesome. As a kid, mountain biking allowed me to do an activity with my dad. It made me stand out, but most of all, it pushed me to overcome my fears and gave me a lot of self-confidence.

Cycling has always been a part of my life, be it in national triathlon competitions or on the mountains, and I dreamt of becoming a professional cyclist for a long time. But I never would have guessed that it would be in cyclocross! I was 18 when I fell in love with this cycling discipline. I had suffered several injuries in triathlon and was looking for something new - something more fun - and that’s exactly what I found in this sport. A friend invited me to try a cyclocross race in Trois-Rivières, and I was instantly hooked! Since then, I've never stopped, and my passion has only grown over the years! 

What is cyclocross?

A simple way to explain it would be to say that it's a mix between mountain and road biking. In fact, the bike I use is a road-like bike, but with studded tires. Generally, the races are about 50 minutes long, on different types of ground, and with several obstacles.

For me, it’s an intense sport that beautifully combines technique, tactics, and physical performance. What's really cool (and what got me hooked) is the festive and inclusive atmosphere at competitions. It's a fall and winter sport, so it's not uncommon for races to be held in the rain, mud, or snow, and I feel like the "miserable" conditions create a sense of connection to the sport and the people who practice it. 

How did you hear about TUC? And why did you want to become a brand ambassador? 

I already knew the brand, I just didn't know it was from Montreal. I'd been wanting to partner with a local, natural cleaning products company for a long time - made sense since practicing my sport means I’m constantly dirty or covered in mud! 

I was talking to a friend about my idea and she mentioned that The Unscented Company would be a great business to collaborate with. There was no need to look any further, the fit was perfect for me: environmentally friendly, natural products, made not far from where I grew up. 

I’m proud to represent a homegrown company that was founded by a woman and is certified B Corp. It's inspiring and very special to be able to represent a local company when I'm racing all over the world. It reminds me where I'm from. 

And last but not least, the environment has always been important to me. Cycling allows me to spend a lot of time in nature and I’m lucky enough to see truly incredible places; places that are bigger than me - than us. Seeing all these spots makes me realize the beauty, the grandeur, but also the fragility of our planet, and that's why it's important to me to do what I can to protect it. And since I have to travel for my work, I like to do it responsibly. For me, TUC products are my way of protecting the environment and nurturing my body with good products. 

What is your favourite TUC product? 

Definitely the shampoo bar! I love it! It lathers easily, is easy to carry around, and cleans really well. 

And because we can't overlook what you're passionate about - what has been your best ride ever?

Hmmm... It's hard to say, but if I had to name my best rides ever, it would be with my dad and my boyfriend, mountain biking in the Sedona, Arizona area. The trails and scenery there are so stunning. I also love the really long climbs that make you appreciate the view and the ride down. I'm so glad I'm still sharing these precious moments with my dad. 

But if we’re talking competitions, my best race was in 2019 when I won my first World Cup. It wasn't a perfect race, but the fact that I made mistakes in that race, persevered, and finally took the win was really special. I was so proud to see that all the efforts of the last few years had culminated in a win on an international level, and to be able to share that moment with my loved ones who have always supported me made the moment even more special. That day was truly a dream come true. 

Are you as excited as we are? If so, follow Maghalie's adventures throughout her competition season with us. And keep an eye out on our various social media platforms starting today for her important events and to learn more about her. 

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