March 2018

Cozy Springtime Laundry

Cozy Springtime Laundry


Benjamin Hole

The first product I developed for The Unscented Company was Laundry Detergent. Why? We spend countless hours in our clothing and in our bed sheets, which are both in close contact with the skin. It’s also estimated that an average family washes 8-10 loads of laundry every week.

I wanted to develop a detergent which would have minimal impact on our waterways; biodegradable, free of dyes, chlorine and phosphate and minimal impact on human health; free of synthetic fragrance, leaves no residues on clothes, hypoallergenic.

My inspiration came from clothes slowly drying in the wind in springtime. Sheets that smell naturally fresh and clean from spending the afternoon outside. A product that could be used to wash the entire family’s clothing, even cloth diapers. A short ingredient list comprised of more than 80% mineral and plant-based ingredients.

Highly efficient cleaning yet gentle on fabric, load after load of fluffy goodness. The laundry routine is part of every household, and I am truly proud that our Laundry Detergent brings a fresh take on clean into households across Canada.

In my own routine, I replace fabric softener with cleaning vinegar, and use natural vegetable-based Marseille soap to remove any tough stains. I have also recently discovered an all-natural reusable lint brush from Redecker, perfect for dog-hairs and any extra lint.

The products listed above all available here.