November 2019

Freshness as far as the eye can see

Freshness as far as the eye can see

Have you ever hiked a mountain and had a revelation? Not necessarily something spiritual. Just a powerful sentiment that overcomes you out of the blue of the sky. A feeling as clear as the air that fills your mind and soul and from which you just can’t turn away. That’s a little bit where our new Body line of products comes from.

Life has a way of surprising you. It’s already been a few years since we first started on our path to make freshness natural again. Free of chemicals. Free of fragrances. Free from doubt. We began to cultivate the art of healthy home by starting right there… at home. We strongly believed (and still do) that a healthy lifestyle went beyond nutrition and exercise. It also has, we think, something to do with the household products that you use every day. How you clean your clothes, your countertops and everything else around you.

We took a step further into personal care with hand soap and lotion, but never really had the expertise to create a full body care line that would meet our aspirations or high-quality standards. It left us with the problem of never finding natural, fragrance-free personal care products that we truly liked.

Fast-forward to today, and it’s a whole new world for The Unscented Company. We’re now proudly launching our new and fresh body products. We acquired the expertise, did the research, and created new unscented shampoo, conditioner and body soap that will not only exceed your expectations, but meet ours (wink, wink). When we decided to make it happen, we knew we would never settle for anything less than professional quality that smelled fresh and left the tiniest possible trace on the environment. It was that or nothing. We’re happy to say we succeeded.

The Unscented Company shampoo and conditioner are gentle, yet efficient, and will leave you hair soft, shiny and fresh. Our body soap will leave your skin smooth and you feeling refreshed. All three are completely unscented, dye-free and vegan. A great choice to keep you and the whole family healthy and natural. Even better, we now also have a new water-free shampoo and a water-free conditioner.

But our mission wasn’t complete until we could be certain to be able to produce everything as locally as possible to reduce our footprint. Our new products and packaging are not only proudly made in Canada, but our bottles and labels are made on the South Shore of Montreal, a bridge (also brand new) away from our distribution center. We’re also very proud of our 100% post-consumer recycled plastic caps, because who needs more plastic, right?

Which brings us back to the mountains, their calm, peacefulness and overwhelming feeling of well-being. The idea for the design came from a hiking trip in Vancouver. We decided that our new products were the perfect place to pay tribute to the immense beauty of Canada’s nature with a truly inspiring packaging. We could have gone free soloing somewhere with Alex Honnold, but that’s way too scary! So, we set out to create a breathtaking mountain image instead and reached out to Valérie Derome-Massé. She loves nature as much as we do and especially likes photographing sunrises in the fall when fog is created by the evaporation of the warm lakes. She went out to Lac Ouimet in the beautiful Laurentians with her drone and captured this amazing shot that is now on our products.

It’s a reminder of the great beauty of the nature that surrounds us, but also of its fragility. It’s a testament to our commitment to protect and nurture our environment every day, in any way we can. It’s also a beautiful invitation for you to do the same and join us in preserving this magnificent world we live in together.