Credit : Valérie Paquette
Text : Pier-Anne Rouleau, Community + Marketing Project Manager at TUC

Here at Unscented Co., we believe the holidays are the perfect opportunity to take some time for ourselves, with our loved ones, and to do activities that make us feel good. We invite you to take this time to reconnect with what is essential.

To help make this possible, we’ve decided to save you some time amidst the craziness of shopping, preparing meals, and especially buying presents. Read on to find gift ideas that will allow you to give sustainable, practical, eco-friendly, and made in Canada products to a loved one, a friend, or simply someone who deserves it.

For more sustainable giving

Introducing our first-ever gift box that brings together our solid hair and body care essentials. What’s inside? Our soap bar, our shampoo and conditioner bars, and a bamboo and organic cotton washcloth from EcoTao.

Besides being pretty to look at, our ready-to-give box makes a positive impact: each box saves 3 plastic bottles from the landfill and 1.5 litres of water!

For the Unscented Co. newbie

The TUC Basics Kit is the perfect way to introduce someone to our best-loved products. It’s a great first step towards a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

For anyone who’s already a fan

The At-Home Refill Station Kit has everything our biggest fans need for easy refilling, including 4L sizes of our hand soap, dish soap, and our laundry detergent.

And even though we said it’s for existing fans, it’s also the perfect set to give anyone moving into a new home.

For anyone who needs a bit of softness

What could be better than a little bit of warmth after a day of playing outside? Our lotion is a product the whole team loves and is great after a long candlelit bath for soft, nourished skin. We also have the perfect candle, handmade by T.Lees in Montreal!

For anyone who does several loads of laundry per week

While some people think of laundry as a chore, others see it as a moment of softness and enjoy doing it almost every day. Why not give a fragrance free, plastic free, and convenient alternative to these people?

Our "Sustainable Laundry" collection includes our laundry tabs, our liquid laundry detergent, our new Natural Laundry Whitener + Brightener*, the famous Marseille laundry soap*, our dryer balls, and many other accessories*. The essentials you need for more sustainable laundry!

For sprucing up the home and making it a little greener

Surprising as it may seem, our best seller is our dish soap! In addition to its highly effective formula, the bottle looks perfect alongside our hand soap and DOMPIERRE X TUC bottle tray*. By the way, we have a cup* that’s ideal for holding a dish brush or even toothbrushes. Made by hand in Montreal by ceramic artist Marie-Eve Dompierre, our collection also includes a soap bar tray*, another favourite of the team.

For an eco-friendly and plastic-free kitchen, we've added the No Tox Life dish washing bar* to our essentials, available in 2 sizes. It looks great in its bamboo soap shelf*!

For stuffing stockings or adding a finishing touch

Travel-sized products and accessories are a must for our team. They complement our TUC products, enhancing them or making them even more effective!

Whether it's the Dalcini stainless travel case, our deodorant, our shampoo or conditioner bars, the Kooshoo* hair ties, the Kliin reusable cleaning cloths, the various Confetti Mill linen dishcloths... All of these brands we’ve chosen to collaborate with will allow you to offer practical and lasting small gestures during the holidays.

*Please note that all products with an asterisk are only available for delivery in Canada.