August 2018

Inspired by all, to inspire everyone

Inspired by all, to inspire everyone


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Plenty Humanwear


Elisabeth Poirier-Defoy 

There are those inspiring people who make their way and manage to disrupt mindsets. This is one of the things that connect the founders of The Unscented Company and Plenty Humanwear.

Developing a line of clothes in a creative universe of their own, is what Greg and Pierre-Nicolas wanted to do by founding Plenty Humanwear 10 years ago. Summary of a transparent and enriching meeting.

Differentiating from déjà-vu

Who doesn’t dream of having fun on a daily basis and earning a living at the same time? That's exactly what Greg and Pierre-Nicolas had in mind when reflecting on their future career. It was on the snowboard slopes that the project began to take form. Having a foot in the world of fashion and advertising with their respective families, it wasn’t surprising that Plenty Humanwear became a clothing company.

Today, Plenty is a team of 8 creatives, not to mention the sales representatives established throughout the country. While the head office is based in Quebec City, a new office has recently opened in Western Canada!

But a clothing company for everyday life, inspired by the world of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding has already been done. How to stand out? By reaching out for inspiration from the creative community.

Let your garment talk

What drives the development of the new collections is the principle that clothes do not go out of fashion after a season, that they are comfortable and can be worn on many different occasions, from the city to the mountains! In addition, this proudly Canadian company develops clothing whose cuts and durability are inspired by workwear.

 "To display yourself with a Plenty garment is to endorse its values and a way of expressing oneself, hence Let your garment talk," adds Pierre-Nicolas, co-founder of Plenty Humanwear.

In addition, since 2011, Plenty has been supporting local artists from the Canadian Bacon collective. "Getting involved in the Canadian creative community is a way of offering them visibility and having the pleasure of being in direct contact with them. For us it's very inspiring! " Says Pierre-Nicolas.

"Inspired by all is our everyday adage. People are our greatest source of inspiration, through their values, their difference and their creativity", says Pierre-Nicolas, co-founder of Plenty Humanwear.

How to have a positive impact?

Not surprisingly, the textile industry is not the most sustainable. That being said, there is a way to make a difference. With their passion for surfing and snowboarding, the company naturally wants to help protect oceans and rivers. To do so, they are developing a long-term partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation. In addition, the manufacturing of their "basics" line is made here in Canada with water-based (free of carbon emissions) screenprinting. Although a good part of the collection is already produced in Canada, Plenty wants to repatriate the remaining part of its manufacturing to Canada within the next few years.

Reducing its ecological footprint and making positive impact decisions trickles through the brands with which Plenty Humanwear collaborates. The goal is to influence people to change their habits and that starts by setting the example.