January 2019

Meet Alexandra CD: The Sincerity of Wellness

Meet Alexandra CD: The Sincerity of Wellness


Elisabeth Poirier-Defoy 

At The Unscented Company, we strive to surround ourselves with people who recognize the difference in our products, but above all who endorse the values of the brand. That's exactly what Alexandra Coté-Durrer did by photographing our products with extraordinary sensitivity and capturing the essence of TUC in the blink of an eye. Here’s the portrait of a generous, strong and fragile person all at once.

Opening up on well-being 
A single meeting is enough to be struck by the openness and transparency of Alexandra. Ever since she was a child, she has suffered from social anxiety and has had to learn to live with this mental illness. In addition, a depression hit her in autumn 2017. This kept her off of her feet for several months, forcing her to review her lifestyle and priorities. Her quest for well-being took a new turn. Fortunately, nature, photography and her family supported her in this ordeal.

Communion with nature
Alexandra describes herself as an artist at heart. At the age of 16, she knew she wanted to become a photographer. She self-taught herself to perfect her art, all the while following a professional training in commercial photography. Not quite feeling that the world of fashion corresponded to her values, she took the lead in setting up her own exhibition to express her vision of the surfing world. Taking place back in 2015, this exhibition is one of the moments that has undoubtedly put on the map.
Over time, she received several major contracts (SEPAQ, Burton, etc.), but life being an obstacle course, Alexandra hit a wall with depression. It’s at this moment that she slowed her life down and learned to get back on her feet, spending long hours in nature to photograph landscapes and animals, simply to feel good. Nature became her therapy and especially her new signature, leading her to work with exceptional clients, with the Quebec landscape as a backdrop.

"Nature became her therapy and especially her new signature, leading her to work with exceptional clients, with the Quebec landscape as a backdrop."
A healthy home, a healthy life
During our interview, Alexandra spoke of the pleasure she had in working with The Unscented Company, sharing important values such as simplicity, transparency and well-being. She loves TUC's philosophy of taking care of yourself and your environment without harming the planet. She explains that to have a healthy life is also to find a harmony between nature, home and work.
It’s with great pleasure that we collaborated with this talented photographer for our most recent winter photo shoot!
We invite you to discover her work on her website: www.alexcdphotography.com
All photographs in the post are by Alexandra.