July 2022

Natural deodorant: To try it is to love it

Natural deodorant: To try it is to love it


Valérie Paquette & Julien Payette-Tessier


Agathe Thierry, R&D Director




If you're using a traditional deodorant, there’s a good chance that it’s also an antiperspirant meant to decrease, or even block, perspiration by tightening the pores of the skin. How do they do it? It’s often thanks to aluminum salts, which are sometimes capable of temporarily blocking the sweat glands (the place where sweat is produced and expelled). Sweating might be unpleasant, but it’s a natural and necessary function of your body. For real! It helps lower our body temperature and eliminates toxins and waste products from our metabolism.

A naturally smart transition

Several reasons come to mind for why you should make the transition to a natural deodorant. But first, I’d like to explain some of the key differentiators that are important for you to know.

Otherwise, a classic deodorant will tackle odors. Often, they accomplish this with the help of antibacterial agents that destroy odor-causing bacteria along with perfumes that mask everything else. Not great…

We definitely don't like odours. But we're even more against the camouflaging agents that help cover them up. In short, traditional deodorants are effective and have certain advantages, but the biggest thing to know is that they act on the consequences of sweating instead of the causes. This is my biggest argument for why you should switch to a natural deodorant: by acting on the underlying causes of the inconveniences associated with sweating, you’re able to solve them once and for all.
Gentle and effective ingredients

It's all well and good to tell you that our natural deodorant works on the causes. But how, exactly, are we able to make this claim? The star ingredient of our formulation is Lactobacillus! Lacto what? It's a probiotic containing microorganisms that restore the balance between the "good" and "bad" bacteria present on the surface of our skin. If you didn't already know, the less-than-pleasant odors that sometimes emanate from our armpits are caused by some of these bacteria.

In short, lactobacillus helps balance the microbiota (the bacterial population on the skin) of the underarm area, thus avoiding too much of the "bad" bacteria along with the associated odors.

We also decided to avoid using baking soda and aluminum in our deodorant. Why? Well, even though baking soda is generally used for its deodorizing properties—a great advantage for this kind of product—it can be irritating on skin because of its pH. Since our underarms are sensitive areas, we decided to prioritize gentle and moisturizing ingredients to avoid redness and irritation.

As for aluminum, there’s no scientific consensus, but there’s a lot of controversy around this ingredient. Some research mentions a link between breast cancer and the use of aluminum salts. For this reason, we’ve decided it’s better to avoid it altogether.

Finally, like all good deodorants, we incorporated oils to nourish the skin and make it strong and supple, and we added powders that absorb perspiration and leave a soft touch.

A worthwhile transition

As I mentioned, our probiotic deodorant acts on the underlying causes of the "problem" instead of the consequences. Like any change, we must give our bodies adequate time to adapt. In this case, you’ll have to give your microbiota time to rebalance itself, and thus avoid bad odors.

The important thing to understand is that there are many external factors that can influence the effectiveness of a natural product on our body: our diet, our hormones, our mood, and even where we live! For these reasons, we advise you to test the deodorant for 1 or 2 weeks to see if it works for you—especially if you use an antiperspirant. You need to give your body time to find its natural sweating mechanism.

In short, we're probably the first to tell you that our deodorant may not work the first time—or even at all—but we wanted to explain the reasons why it may not work. Don't be surprised if your best friend is completely sold on our new deodorant, but you're more skeptical. Our advice: give your body time to adjust and try the product at different times.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Enjoy your test run!