The hustle and bustle of holiday shopping has officially begun with Black Friday. In this time renown for increased consumerism, I always like to take a step back and visit my neighbourhood zero waste store.

Montreal has an increasing number of zero waste stores that are anchored in their communities. I just love the experience of shopping in bulk! Zero waste shopping is completely redefining the way we purchase goods. There’s no more packaging to convince you which product must be better then another. Suddenly, the attention is on the real quality of the goods offered with the benefit of reduced packaging and price. A winning combination for the community and the environment.

Just in time for the holidays, gather your mason jars, Dans le sac bread bag, empty soap bottles and head out to some my favorite places in Montreal (and Ottawa) to shop in bulk:

Épicerie Loco (Verdun and Villeray)

Terre à soi

Vrac & Bocaux

Coop de la maison verte

Chez Robin

 NU Grocery

And of course, a go-to for anything bulk, Bulk Barn now accepts reusable containers across Canada!

Photos by Chanel Sabourin Photographe

Thank you to Vrac & Bocaux for letting us take a few photos in their space!

sac avec pots.jpg