November 2018

The beauty of slow fashion

The beauty of slow fashion


Chanel Sabourin Photographe


Anie Rouleau

One of the benefits of having your own business is being able to meet wonderful entrepreneurs from inspiring companies. Being a B Corporation, I made the commitment to promote, create and develop relationships with local impact-based businesses. Proximity is an important element for us, which is why I can proudly say that 90% of the The Unscented Company’s suppliers are located less than 500km from our head office in Montreal. Likewise, my personal mission is to support young women entrepreneurs as a mentor. All of this has led me to deeply reflect on what I consume daily.

In January 2017, in line with my values, I made the decision to buy my clothes uniquely from a local source. First of all, the idea was to reduce my purchases and subsequently to buy from local and ethical designers. In my research, I was really surprised to see the quantity and quality of Quebec brands, through which I discovered slow fashion. It was pure joy for me to naturally become an ambassador of these amazing businesses, generally founded and directed by young women.

Ethical fashion, much more than a trend

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite companies, atelier b. Anne-Marie and Catherine have set themselves apart with their mission of redefining ethical fashion in Montreal, for women, men and children alike. I always like to visit their workshop-boutique in Montreal, the smell of freshly pressed clothes in the background and the sound of the sewing machines quietly humming.

"Minimalist and designed to last, every piece of atelier b has been thought to become essential. Our durable textiles, from Canada and Japan, are made from natural fibers and are manufactured locally, either at our Mile End workshop or in small Montreal workshops.", Catherine and Anne-Marie, founders of atelier b.

It must be remembered that historically, Montreal was a popular city for the textile industry. We now see a movement with an ethical and responsible vision that’s returning to the importance of this industry in our city. Anne-Marie and Catherine make this movement shine and it’s taking on more and more scale. It’ now possible to find atelier b clothes across Canada.

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