July 2019

The Feeling

The Feeling


Alex CD Photography


Megan Priest-Nadon


We live in a world where saying yes to every project, task and get-together with friends is almost inevitable. We live busy lives, and regardless of what we do, we often forget to stop and disconnect from our jobs, our school work or look up from our phones to simply take time for ourselves.

It is not always easy, but sometimes quite necessary for me to just press pause on that project that I might have procrastinated a little too long, and step outside for a breath of fresh air.

My favorite moments are spent in nature, alone or with good friends. There is nothing more comforting in life than when you are dressed in soft clothes, walking through a forest with all the most comforting sounds, colors and smells.

I often disconnect and enjoy my alone time in nature by waking up early on a Saturday morning, the sun barely peeking through the trees, sliding my feet into my hiking shoes and hitting the road. The smell of warm coffee in my car and the comforting sounds of Ziggy Alberts help me get through the long drive towards the North/Sutton.

I slip on my backpack and make sure I am ready to go for my hike. Making my way to the edge of the forest, I quiet my mind to make sure that I am fully present and ready to enjoy my adventure. I walk through the forest and hear nothing but the sound of branches and leaves cracking under my shoes. I hike up the mountain, heart beating in my ears, and embrace the warm summer air as it softly touches my rosy cheeks.

As the forest gets thinner, I know the top is close and I get excited for the view that awaits me. Wind whistling through the leaves, I finally make it to the top, close my eyes and breathe in the fresh air. Pure bliss.

As I walk, I cannot help but admire all the soothing colors and breathe in the fresh and pure smells of the morning forest. I enjoy every moment of calm and quiet alone time as I walk through the narrow trails.

I disconnect and press pause by enjoying every piece of beauty that this special space has to offer. A space that we sometimes forget to cherish and enjoy once in a while.

Thank you Alex CD Photography for all images.

Nature is at the very core of who we are and where everything we need to survive comes from. Knowing that the use of my day-to-day products from The Unscented Company has no negative repercussions on our forests, water, animals and bodies is my way to give back to our planet and make sure I can continue to enjoy it. I chose The Unscented Company because taking care of our playgrounds will help us enjoy them forever.