It's happened to all of us, running out of laundry detergent right in the middle of laundry day, how frustrating!  Constantly on the go,  I love buying my products in bulk and stocking up. Less trips to the grocery store, and most importantly, much less plastic bottles in the recycling bin. I have set aside a small area in my home where I have set up my own refill station filled with everyday products from bathroom tissue to dish tabs. 

The kids love to refill the bottles when they are empty. Such a fun way to educate them on zero-waste living ! 


Although not everyone may have space for their own refill station home, it's possible to stock up on few key products such as Dish or Laundry Soap. That's why I created our 4L bag-in-box concept. It's easy to store even in the smallest of urban apartments. 

Products featured in my refill station:

The Unscented Company 4L refills,  bulk dish tabs and soap bars: The Unscented Company

Oneka shampoo and conditoner 4L refills: Oneka

Cascades recycled paper products: Available on

Polykar recycled garbage bags: Available on

All blog photos by Chanel Sabourin Photography