October 2020

The Shampoo Bar Demystified

The Shampoo Bar Demystified


Catherine Bernier


Audrée Morin Berthiaume

It's been almost a year since we launched our shampoo and conditioner bars, and we're still so very proud of these products. They’re small, 100% plant and mineral based, without the use of any single-use plastic, suitable for all hair types. If your hair routine includes only liquid products, you may have a few questions about making the leap to solid soap. Our whole team probably had the same questions as you, but now we’ve got the answers ;)

Our collaborator Catherine Bernier took advantage of the last few rays of sunshine at home in Nova Scotia to explain how to use solid hair care step by step.


To begin, take your bar out of it’s little cardboard box and hop in the shower. Make sure to wet your hair thoroughly.Catherine Bernier, Wet Hair


Rub the bar in your hands for a few seconds or directly onto your head to create a lather. A few seconds of that is all you need to produce enough shampoo for a deep cleaning.Catherine Bernier, Wet Shampoo Bar in Hands


Just like you would do with a liquid shampoo, massage your hair and scalp from the roots to the ends for a few seconds, then rinse thoroughly to remove any trace of soap.Catherine Bernier, Shampoo Bar


Rub the conditioner directly onto your ends only. You'll notice that the texture of the conditioner is slightly different from that of the shampoo. The two products are made using different ingredients. The conditioner won't lather, but it will be super effective for nourishing and repairing your damaged ends.

Catherine Bernier, Conditioner Bar


Rinse thoroughly again to remove all traces of soap, and you're done!

One of the most common myths about hair care bars is that they will make your hair dry or greasy. Ingredients are mostly responsible for the texture of your hair and some eco-friendly options available claim to be shampoo bars but are actually made with the same process used to produce soaps. Washing your hair with soap will completely strip your hair of its essential oils leaving it dry, frizzy and lifeless.

Catherine Bernier, Rinse


Now you’re ready to comb it out and blow dry your hair with accessories that are also going to be gentle on your hair, or you could even let the natural breeze do all the work!

Catherine Bernier, Dry Hair

To keep using your shampoo and conditioner bars as long as possible, it is essential to keep them dry when they are not in use. Let them dry on a water draining soap dish away from your shower, water splashes and humidity. With proper use and storage, your shampoo bar should give you about 50-75 washes! They are easy to use and very practical for vacations or your home away from home. Our bars can also be carried in a small cotton bag or a metal box.

Catherine Bernier, Shampoo + Conditioner Bar

Our favourite thing about the bar is that each bar of shampoo is equal to about 1 liter of liquid shampoo and will save you from throwing plastic bottles from the landfill. We hope you’ll give our solid hair care duo a try soon, for a routine that's as gentle on your hair as it is on the environment!