September 2021

Simple, zero-waste lunches

Simple, zero-waste lunches

Sending the kids off to school in the morning with a zero-waste lunch box may sound complicated or daunting until you actually try it. Not only can it educate kids to be more conscious of the amount of waste we send to landfills, it can also inspire them to speak up about these issues with classmates and teachers. Lunch boxes are a perfect place to start when trying to instill a more sustainable lifestyle and better habits in our children.

Switching to zero-waste lunch boxes was a learning process, even for us! We started by replacing individual yogurt cups with reusable containers, and progressively added other zero-waste accessories. Here’s a short yet very practical list of accessories that can be placed in kids’ lunch boxes on the daily.

Fluf lunch boxes, ethically made from 100% organic cotton;

Monbento plastic reusable containers, or metal ones from Black & Blum, which are beautiful and so practical;

3-in-1 wooden utensils from Dans le sac;

Nature Bee Wraps, perfect for wrapping up sandwiches;

But it's not just about choosing eco-friendly accessories. Choosing what we eat for lunch is just as important to us. That's why we always prefer organic and local foods. If you haven't tried Scout's cans yet, we highly recommend them! In addition to being delicious, they contain responsibly-caught fish.

One change at a time. That's how we suggest you slowly adopt new, more environmentally friendly habits at home and in your lunch box!