TUC x KLIIN | Spongy - Compostable Sponges


Pack of 3
3 in x 4.6 in

All Clean. Zero Waste. Our first kitchen article that is completely compostable and practical!

Pack of 3 compostable sponges, a brand new product in collaboration with Kliin to help you even more in your changes to have a more sustainable kitchen.

Drop in water to watch it reach its full potential before use. Refresh in the washer or the dishwasher from time to time. Throw in the compost bin when done.

What it's made of: 100% biodegradable cellulose (made from wood pulp).

Made in Canada in collaboration with Kliin

Illustration by John Larigakis


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great sponge!

The concept is already great. The sponge itself is even greater, especially for washing anything you wouldn't want to scratch with a more rugged sponge. I found that cutting one in two also works great (a pack of 3 turns into 6). The best part is definitely that these are compostable!

Alissa Watt
Like magic!

I use a lot of sponges, and I always hate that they are often individually wrapped in plastic. This saves a TON of space because they're compressed, and then they magically come to life in some water! Really cool.

Catherine Gravel
Good and ecofriendly

Great sponges! They work well to clean dishes, but also they last longer than I expected and it is amazing that you can put them in compost instead of the trash... I haven't tried to put them in the dishwasher since I don't have one, but they are easy to wash!

Très satisfaite

Brillante idée, je n'achète plus aucune autre éponge pour donner un coup de main à la planète. Très bonne capacité d'absorption.


Great sponges. I was surprised at how much bigger they grew when wet. They hold soap very well and do not get a funky smell to them as a lot of sponges tend to do. I toss mine in the dishwasher every time I do a load and they hold up perfectly. I love the fact that when they are no longer useable, they will get composted not trashed and for this reason I will only buy these in the future.