TUC x John Larigakis Kliin Reusable Cleaning Cloth | Happy Mountain


Our brand new Kliin is a collaboration with Vancouver-based artist John Larigakis.

The mountains have been part of Unscented Co. since the very beginning—they’re a natural space that makes us feel good, makes us happy, and they’re also part of our Canadian landscape. Here is our "Happy Mountain", a beautiful interpretation of the mountain that appears on our bottles by our collaborator, John. It brings a smile to our faces, what about you?

About John

A Vancouver-based artist, John develops conceptual illustrations and animations for brands, magazines, packaging, apps, musicians, ad campaigns, and social content. He is also the co-creator of an animated series called Snack Time, on YouTube, and he is a working creative director and brand designer. He takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources—from early Disney animation and 90s cartoons, to 18th century Japanese woodblock prints. You’ll often see unexpected visual juxtapositions, quirky characters, and an organic hand-crafted quality in his work. He also brings his concepts to life as 3D stop motion videos and GIFs.

Kliin’s reusable towel is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Dishwasher and washing machine safe, it holds 15 times its weight in water. Made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, it is 100% biodegradable and lasts from 9-12 months. 1 Kliin replaces over 17 rolls of conventional paper towels!

Happy Mountain design by John Larigakis.

Printed in Canada by Kliin.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Superb produit

It’s a wonderful product. Soaks up water immediately. Cute design is a bonus:)

amy christie
thank you.

makes me smile every day. and very useful. saving paper towels adds to the benefit.

Amy Maxner
Love the cleaning cloths

These cloths are great for wiping counters and washing dishes, and great for the environment as well.

Jolyane Gauthier
Surprisingly efficient!

It was my first time trying for reusable Scott towels and I’m super happy if it’s performance! Picking up a mess or wiping the counters is a breeze! It even leaves no strides on stainless steal appliances! Merveilleux!