Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box
Dish - 10L Refill Box

Dish - 10L Refill Box

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Keeps your dishes and our waterways squeaky clean.

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Detailed description

This dish soap is tough on grease. It’s gentle on your hands, but don’t worry—it has plenty of suds to make your dishes, glass and silverware spotless.


How to open the refill box?

As simple as that 

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Start fresh.

The new refill smartbox

Learn how to use the refill box to make sure to make the most of it.

Bottles Saved

How much plastic can you cut out in a year?

At-home refill station: more convenience, less plastic!

Building a refill station at home is a project that generates questions, so today we're taking the time to answer them with our friend Dominique, from the website ''Les belles combines''. As a mother of six, she's the perfect person to talk to us about home organization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews

Love this product.

Pam Dunlop

This is my second 10L box of dish detergent. The first one lasted me nearly three years. And I have just gifted my kids with a box each.

Yes! We're loving the family momentum :)

Anne Veilleux

Perfect for me

Économique et éco-responsable!

Je suis contente d'avoir été capable de convaincre mon bureau à embarquer dans la mission d'utiliser plus de produits éco-responsable.

Bravo Sydney :) C'est une belle transition vers une diminution du plastique.

Good and cheap in bulk

This dishwashing liquid is the cheapest non-scented detergent I’ve been able to find in Canada. After using it for a few months now, I just bought a few years’ worth; it’s that good.

Thank you for your comment Montana. Happy that you find the right unscented dish soap for your needs.