August 2021

Ethical Clothing That Deserves Gentle, Eco-Friendly Care

Ethical Clothing That Deserves Gentle, Eco-Friendly Care


Rachel, Julien Payette and Stéphanie Mandréa


Pier-Anne Rouleau

Environmental awareness is starting to make itself felt in all areas of life. Whether it’s in the choice of our food, household and body products, or what we wear, it's now part of our decision making process. And more and more people are paying attention to the materials and origins of their clothing.

That's what Rachel, a Montreal-based brand, is committed to providing to its customers. This local company recognizes the harmful effects of the fashion industry on the environment and has made it its mission to be part of the solution to reduce the impact of fashion on our ecosystem, notably by using eco-responsible materials in its new collections. In 2014, cofounders Carolyne and Mélanie visited suppliers in Italy to develop innovative and comfortable tights that respect ethical standards for both manufacturing and the environment. Today, their product line has expanded, still focusing on the same sustainable and ethical principles so that everyone can feel beautiful and comfortable while making more conscious and thoughtful choices.

The shift to more eco-friendly clothing also calls for more conscious, gentle, and efficient garment care. That's why a collaboration between TUC and Rachel was a natural fit. How should you wash your clothes? What should you look for? Read on for our best tips and tricks. 

The Best Way to Wash Your Clothes

The best way to wash your clothes varies depending on the type of fabric and the delicacy of the garments, but a few basic rules generally apply when it comes to environmentally sustainable laundry.

1- Wash in warm or cold water to reduce your energy consumption and generally cause less damage to your clothes.

2- Use a stain remover bar like Marseille soap to remove stubborn stains. Not familiar with Marseille soap? It's a fan favourite here at TUC. A solution that's been used for at least 100 years, the white Marseille soap cube is recommended for gently washing all textiles, especially delicate laundry (baby clothes, underwear, tights, and other fragile fabrics).

3- Air-dry to infuse your clothes with the scents of nature, but also to keep the fibers in good condition and thus keep your clothes longer. If machine drying is necessary, use dryer balls instead of sheet or liquid fabric softeners. They prevent static, reduce drying time by 25%, soften textiles naturally, and reduce wrinkles.

4- Choose biodegradable products, made of natural ingredients, and preferably concentrated, to limit the amount of detergent you use. These natural elements are as good for the environment as they are for your clothes. That's why our laundry tabs are so popular; they're plastic free, prevent waste, and they allow you to use the right amount of detergent in each load!

5- Avoid washing your clothes too often, as over-washing greatly affects the fibers and reduces the life of your favourite garments.

6- Use a wash bag to protect delicate clothing. Simply slip more fragile items like underwear, stockings, and swimsuits into the bag and place the bag in your washing machine, along with your other clothes. This will protect them from damage.

7- If you don't have a laundry bag, it's best to wash delicate pieces by hand. Lather with a mild soap, soak in a little water, rinse, and hang to dry!

With all these ideas, you'll be able to keep your favourite clothes in good condition for longer all while helping the environment! Try all of our favorites for the laundry room with the sustainable laundry bundle.