Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box
Laundry - 10 L Refill box

Laundry - 10 L Refill box

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Load after load of fluffy goodness.

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Powerful, tough on stains, colour-safe and effective even in cold water, our biodegradable concentrated laundry detergent is suitable for both HE and standard washers. Made with plant-based ingredients and packaged in 25% Post Consumer Plastic, this hypoallergenic formula is cloth diaper friendly.


How to use the product? 

How to open the refill box?

As simple as that 

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Cozy Springtime Laundry

The new refill smartbox

Learn how to use the refill box to make sure to make the most of it.

Bottles Saved

How much plastic can you cut out in a year?

At-home refill station: more convenience, less plastic!

Building a refill station at home is a project that generates questions, so today we're taking the time to answer them with our friend Dominique, from the website ''Les belles combines''. As a mother of six, she's the perfect person to talk to us about home organization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Danie Desrosiers
Excellent produit

Doux pour les vêtements et pour la peau.

Merci Danie!!

Jen O'Farrell
No scents makes good sense

Good quality products without the odor. The cabin just smells clean and our guests appreciate it!

Wow! So nice to see those pictures. We would love to come visit you. :)

Unscented products

Love them!

Love your review!

Jennifer BC
The only TRUELY unscented laundry soap.

My laundry room is full of 'unscented" detergent that actually leaves a noticable fragrance. I tried Unscented because I love their dishsoap. My search is over & I'll never buy another brand

Your review is one of its kind. We love everything! Thanks for stopping your research :)

Marie-Eve Potvin
Gentle on your clothes and your skin

This is my favorite laundry soap. Has a great cleaning power while being very gently on your clothes and your skin. I use it for all my laundries, the dirty ones and the delicates.

Thank you so much Marie-Eve for taking the time to write this review and for the good comment!